PJ's Courthouse Tavern

Great place for lunch after a nice ride from city or burbs. It's on the main drag across from the courthouse. Pub food, generous and good sandwiches and interesting vintage decor.

PJ's Courthouse Tavern
202 West State Street
Sycamore, IL 60178 41° 59' 18.2652" N, 88° 41' 10.3128" W
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Took a ride here with my wife

Took a ride here with my wife for lunch. Good burgers and great fries. Big selection of beer, but we had iced tea. We ate on the patio which was very pleasant and the service was friendly and prompt. Metered parking all around the place, but the bartender said they don't ticket after noon on Saturdays, despite what it says on the meters.

Pj's Courthouse Tavern has a

Pj's Courthouse Tavern has a familiar ring to it, as I have spent too much time in all too many court houses given my propensenity for speeding!!!!!!!!!!!


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