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Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July weekend and got the opportunity to do some serious riding!    We road up to a motorcycle rally in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, where an estimated 2000 motorcycle riders (and a few four legged friends as passengers) attended. Took highway to Madison then Route 12 up to the north woods.  Not a bad ride but coming back we followed the more scenic Great River Road Byway along the Mississippi River from Centerville, Wisconsin, to Galena, Illinois.       

Once again we had the pleasure of talking to other riders and learning about motorcycle riding, equipment, and gear.  Two of the most informative sessions were on helmets presented by Randy Northrup of Schuberth North America and a slow speed demonstration by Steve Kirch of Total Rider Tech.

And speaking of rallies, 8,000 people attended the ABATE Freedom Rally in Algona, Iowa, this past weekend.  Sounds like it included some interesting events including a "Drive-By" shooting contest where two-up riders rode past five targets as the passenger "fired" 10 paintball volleys.  Winners were judged based on speed and accuracy.  Interesting concept! 

If you want to relive a few moments at Mods vs Rockers 2011, or just want to see what it was like check out this excellent video by Corey and Casey Wilkinson of Good Spark Garage.

Illinois' Dead Red Light Bill is STILL awaiting the Governor's signature.  Meanwhile, Kansas is considering its own version of the bill.  

As a general note, when traveling to another state please take the time to know the laws related to riding a motorcycle.  Although many sites have tables showing the different laws that are in effect, there is no guarantee that information is current or accurate.  It's always best to check each state's DOT website.  

Safety Tip - Check those tires often!  Unless you have a Tire Pressure Monitor System (TPMS) on your bike - it's important that you regularly check tire pressure.checking tire pressure  The value of this practice was made crystal clear to me this weekend when I checked my tire pressure in the morning before leaving on a 350 mile trip and read 42psi.  Next morning before riding checked again and the reading was 32psi.  During close examination a thin piece of metal was found to have pierced the tire causing it to leak.  I never noticed any change in the bike's handling and don't want to think about what could have happened - riding 2-up - for the return trip!  More information on the importance of maintaining the correct tire pressure can be found here


Here are a few upcoming events you might want to check out. Click on the link to get details or go to for a complete list of local events.

Thu/Sun July 7/10 2011 Moto Guzzi National Rally Elkader, Iowa.
Sat/Sun July 9/10 Wild Ones Weekend at the Harley Davidson Museum, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Sat July 16 Rock River Riders Hillclimb State Championships, Polo, Illinois, with proceeds going to the Shriner's Childrens Fund.
Sat July 16 Our newest sponsor, Naperville Motorsports, is hosting a Bikini Bike Wash at their location in Naperville, Illinois.
Thu/Sun July 14/17 Women In Motion Madison, Wisconsin, in support of Accident Scene Management and Bystander Assistance Program.

Organized event not your thing?  Longing for the open road?  Check out for suggestions on places to ride.  Here’s an idea from several of our members:
Take a ride up to the Harley-Davidson Museum in downtown Milwaukee.  They currently have "Collection X" - the Weird and Wild Wonders of the Harley-Davidson Museum where they have taken items that are normally stored in archives and brought them out for public display.  Some of these items include unique vehicles, weird merchandise, folk art, gear, and little known tidbits of information from H-D's past.

When you take a ride or attend an event - let us know by adding new entries or commenting on existing destinations, roads, or the event you attended.

The first three members who do will receive a TENSPOT (as in cash)!

To those of you who have visited the site recently, thanks!  If not, please check us out - we continue to add new events, destinations, and ROADS every day.

Remember to "be careful out there" and keep the rubber side down!

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