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Some Interesting Innovations for Riders
Motorcycle with side lightingWe’ve combed the web for new technology and products and found several intriguing ones.  On the safety front, several manufacturers now offer options in inflatable protective gear.  Armored Air sells textile and leather jackets and vests which inflate when enough force pulls the garment’s tether and activates a CO2 air cartridge.  The gear doesn’t come cheap (in the neighborhood of $400 for a jacket; slightly less for vest) but can be reused after deployment.   Read more 

Newer on the scene is a slimmer, yet more protective version of impact-absorbing armor from UK-based D30, who first developed the technology for use in the 2006 Winter Olympics. D30 is made from a patented polymer whose molecules flow freely at rest, yet lock together when impacted.

A new business venture named Bike-Link has created a band that attaches to a helmet and uses a wireless signal to display left, right, brake, hazard, running, and reverse light signals, thus enhancing visibility of the rider.  read more

Sheer Lunasee (great name!) has a bike lighting system to improve visibility after dark. (see photo above) A ring of LERtape (Light Emitting Rim) with an automotive grade adhesive attaches to the bike rim and while the wheel spins LEDpods mounted to the fork shoot a high intensity beam at the photo luminescent tape which charges it, creating the rings of light. A controller connected to the battery or an accessory power wire provides the juice for the LEDpods, but the only thing on the wheels itself is the lightweight tape.   read more

Inflated bicycle helmetAnd for a little whimsy, an inflatable collar turns into a protective helmet.  It’s designed for bicyclists – not really for motorcycle riding - but it would certainly address the whole helmet hair problem.  

BMW is testing a new Vehicle-to-Vehicle On-Road Networking System.  Dubbed ‘Car to X Communication System’ it uses wireless LAN for communications between vehicles and traffic infrastructure (e.g. traffic lights) and between one vehicle and another.  By transferring specific data about traffic levels, the state of the road surfaces, as well as other factors, it is possible for a vehicle to issue advance warnings of accidents or adverse weather-related conditions, such as fog or black ice, to other road users in the vicinity.
Read more and view demo videos 

beautiful view iconExclusive Getaway Offer  Last fall we explored some great roads and colorful countryside through the Lower Kettle Moraine Valley in Wisconsin.  wisconsin back road from motorcycleWe enjoyed the hospitality at the Inn at Pine Terrace, a charming bed and breakfast inn in Oconomowoc.  (Read more about the Getaway to Kettle Moraine).  Now, we’re excited to bring you an exclusive offer from Innkeeper John of the Inn at Pine Terrace – book a visit* for October to see the beautiful fall colors and receive a $25 gas card.  Or stay two nights and receive a $50 gas card!  Click here for the Inn at Pine Terrace web site (be sure to enter “MOTO” in the Promo Code box) or call John at (888) 526-0588
*must be a Plus level or higher room

woman icon woman trying on motorcycle helmetAdvice for Women Riders  Women riders represent the fastest growing segment of the US riding market and now one in four riders is female.  Accordingly, manufacturers are paying attention to this lucrative market.  But we can’t just buy a men’s jacket in size small or settle for any old helmet.  Motorcycle maven Joanne Donn has taken it upon herself to help out other female riders on her website, GearChic.  Here are her 5 shopping tips

1. Always judge proper fit on a motorcycle (or in riding position). Fit differences vary greatly depending on what the jacket was made for (touring or commuting versus sport bike riding). You may find that a jacket fits great on an upright, dual sport but fits horribly on a super sport.

2. If it's too comfortable, it's probably too big. You need a fitted torso so that you're not cold when it starts getting windy and extra air isn't blowing around there. You need a pant leg that isn't so wide that your knee armor is swinging from side to side. You need gloves that aren't too big at the palms because you might get blisters from them after a while.  read more

deer icon Watch out for those turkeys (and deer)!

A rider in Door County, WI, was recently knocked off his motorcycle when one of a group of turkeys hit his headlight and bounced up to hit the rider in the face.  Deer in headlightsThe rider is OK, but reminds us that we share the road – especially those fine rural roads – with local wildlife.  The Wisconsin State Patrol warns motorcyclists to be especially careful of deer collisions this time of year because October and November are the mating season for deer, which makes them more active at dusk and dawn as they move back and forth between their bedding and feeding areas.


video iconhuman motorcycle Human Motorcycles???  An edgy new project for the Progressive International Motorcycle Shows.  watch video


Safety CornerTimes to Stay Off the Road

Bill Gade from Tour on Two is guest author for this safety article.
 I am always looking for more information on safe riding to share with all motorcycle riders.  While I like to think I have a large amount of knowledge and safe riding experience I am always eager to learn something new.  A recent conversation with a friend, who is a motorcycle safety instructor, pointed out the times of the day he recommends riders to get off the road and take a break.  The obvious times of the day are at sunrise and sunset when you are riding directly into the sun.  I was surprised to hear him say that he tells his students to get off the road when riding with the sun at your back.  The thinking here is that motorists driving into the sun cannot see well and that not only creates a dangerous situation for them but also for you being on the road at the same time.  In the past I have tried to create my routes so we're riding with the sun at our backs but I never considered the effects of the sun blinding the drivers of the vehicles coming towards us.  We typically start most of our tours around 9:00 AM and we try to reach our destination before the setting sun becomes a factor.  When you plan your own rides, keep this in mind and try to take into account the rising or setting sun in your plans.
Tour on Two is based in the Chicago area and offers single day to multi-week guided package tours all around the United States, plus self-guided adventures. contact Bill at

Now that you're ready to ride here are a few upcoming events to check out. Click on the link to get details or go to for a complete list of local events.

Sat Oct 13 - Reindeer Toy Run, Plainfield, IL

Sun Oct 14 - "Never Forget" Thunder Run and "Toys for Tots Parade", North Chicago, IL

Wed Oct 17 -  Bikes and Burlesque, Chicago, IL

Sat Oct 20 - Zombie Hellrider, Chicago, IL

Sat Oct 20 - Adventure Riding and Touring in Columbia, Countryside, IL

Sun Oct 21 - Walneck's Swap Meet and Bike Show, Woodstock, IL

Mon Nov 5 - Motorcycle Monday - all bike types, Chicago, IL

Organized event not your thing?  Longing for the open road?  Check out for ideas of places to ride.  Here are suggestions from our members:

For a Day Trip, member davebartlett suggests riding to the Thorn Creek Nature Center, Park Forest, IL,  for some hiking and beautiful scenery.

Another suggestion is to ride up to  the Grumpy Troll in Mount Horeb, WI, for some gourmet pizza and visit their on site brewery.

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