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Stick figure demonstrating lungeGet FIT for the riding season.   Here's some great advice from our friend Kathie Hiatt, Motorcycle Instructor with Total Rider Tech and Certified Personal Trainer.  

Motorcycle riders often spend a good portion of the year planning for the upcoming riding season.  We plan and prepare for expenditures related to travel and gear, and mainly for improvements and enhancements to our motorcycles.  We want our motorcycles to look great and perform well – this is normal and appropriate preparation for riding season -- the changes we make are designed to improve our overall experience and we consider them a worthwhile investment in ride quality and comfort.

The same preparation and effort that goes into making our motorcycles ready for riding season should be something we do for ourselves as riders.  Most riders don’t consider the overall physical demands of motorcycle riding and how incorporating exercise into their off-season (and in-season) can improve both their riding experience and their motorcycle handling confidence.  read entire article...

Army iconBlack Role in Motorcycle Culture Celebrated  Black soldier patrolling on motorcycle
Some of the first Black bikers in post-war America were soldiers who were assigned to military police positions where they were responsible for monitoring the "colored" sections of segregated bases during World War II.  They patrolled on bikes, officials said.
This year, as Harley-Davidson celebrates 110 years, the contributions of African Americans to biking culture are being recognized.  read entire article...

traffic light icon

 Dead Red Bill Introduced into Indiana House

Last year, Illinois passed a law allowing motorcyclists to proceed through a red light after waiting a reasonable time for the light to change (providing, of course, that it is safe to do so).  Now, some in Indiana want the same priviledge.  The proposed law would require the rider to wait at least 120 seconds, a provision Illinois Governor Quinn wanted but didn't get.

library iconOxford Online Dictionary Revises Definition for Biker
James Dean in leathersOK, we like to ride motorcycles.  What does that make us?  According to the original definition by the Oxford English Dictionary, a biker is "a motorcyclist, especially one who is a member of a gang."  The online version of the dictionary just 'softened' the definition to include member of a 'group' as well as a gang.  And the example usage was changed from "a long-haired biker in dirty denims” to “a biker was involved in a collision with a car”.  Not sure we like that any better.  What's with those Brits?  We'll stick with "rider" and call it a day.

pedestrian crossing iconToo Loud?  Too Quiet?  Which is it?

Brammo Empulse Electric MotorcycleThe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has proposed a new rule requiring electric motorcycles to emit a minimum sound to protect pedestrians.  Presumably the sound would come from a mounted speaker system.  The Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) opposes it, saying that because of the unique attributes of motorcycles, there should not be a required minimum sound.  The MIC says that motorcycle riders are better able to see and avoid pedestrians because their sight is unobstructed, and motorcyclists are more alert because of their vulnerability.  The MIC also stated that electric motorcycles are NOT quiet, so they shouldn't need to be subjected to minimum sound requirements.  Somehow we find this sort of comical...

icon for cinema

Brian Barthel of Motoworks Chicago Brian "Barty" Barthel of Motoworks Chicago was recently profiled on WCIU's "I Love My Job" segment.  Watch and listen as Brian talks about why he loves to work on motorcycles.  view video



Safety iconSafety Corner - Riding Safe means avoiding those “Oh Crap” moments.  There are many keys to staying safe and keeping the “rubber side down”.  As we all know you can never control when a driver will do the unexpected.  Training builds confidence, improves motor skills, lets you focus on the moment, and provides advance knowledge of your options.
Training and practice are key to staying safe and, in the Chicago area, we are lucky to have numerous options starting with learn to ride classes from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation or Harley Davidson’s Riders Edge.  Other initial riding classes include LRN2RYD and Ride Chicago.  For the more experienced riders there are plenty of options including a variety of classes from Total Rider Tech, a defensive riding course by TOPS, or take a spin at one of the track days sponsored at local tracks.  Stay tuned to our site and we’ll keep you informed of all your options on our events calendar.

Special Announcement!  Local Moto Hub will present a special program at 10:30 Saturday, April 6 at Des Plaines Honda, 550 E. Northwest Highway in Des Plaines.  We'll have lots of ideas for places to ride in the Upper Midwest.  Now's the time to start planning your weekend getaways for the upcoming riding season.  Learn some new destinations for day rides.  We'll be drawing for some great prizes.  Refreshments will be served.

Check out for ideas of places to ride.  Here are suggestions from our members:

For a Day Trip, a member suggests riding to Lighthouse Restaurant in Cedar Lake, IN, not far from Crown Point.   The restaurant is on the lake and promises not only good food, but a great view.

Local Moto Hub members Jon and Doreen recommend a getaway to Grand Traverse Bay in Michigan.  You'll want to plan to stay at least two days to enjoy not only the ride, but the many sights in the area and along the way.  Plan ahead for this adventure, as lodging places fill up quickly.  Read more about this Getaway

Send us your day ride and overnight suggestions and we'll share them with fellow riders on our website and in this newsletter. If your overnight getaway is selected for publication, you'll receive a $100 gift certificate to any one of our sponsors.  Send your day rides and overnight getaway recommendations to

To those of you who have visited the site recently, thanks!  If not, please check us out - we continue to add new events, destinations, and ROADS every day.

Remember to "be careful out there" and keep the rubber side down!

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