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Karl Kegel, Pam, Matt Levatich, Michael, Ron Stratman, Scott Miller   

Kegel Harley-Davidson celebrates 100 Years!

The World's Oldest family-owned Harley Davidson dealer hosted Biker Bash in Rockford where motorcycle riders from Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois gathered to mark the milestone.  The all-day event included live music and a number of fund-rasing rides and activities.  On hand to join in the celebration were Harley-Davidson president Matt Levatich and Vice-President Scott Miller, along with legendary graphics artist Ron Stratman, who's responsible for some of the coolest Harley licensed artwork.  The event culminated with a motorcycle parade from the dealership to downtwon Rockford for more music and events.

  Amy Turilli with her 1986 Honda Nighthawk SCHey, lady, aren't you going the wrong way?  New Local Moto Hub member Amy Turilli shared a great article she wrote about her journey on old Route 66 from California to the shores of Lake Michigan.  Amy made the trip on her 1986 Honda Nighthawk 450SC with travelling companion Carole Huguet, who rode her 1991 Nighthawk 750.  Recommended reading!

OMG – We just got word from one of our members that this morning the digital signs on I-94 were displaying:


He also commented “Way to over-generalize and draw negative attention on the entire motorcycle community! Don't think I've ever seen a special message reminding people to call 911 on reckless auto drivers and there are a helluva lot more of them out there! Last summer they displayed messages reminding drivers to keep an eye out for motorcycles, which I really appreciated. I wonder what happened to turn the highway message overlords against motorcyclists this time.”

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  Triumph will be entering the Luxury Touring market with its 2013 Trophy SE!  This 1215cc 3-cylinder engine (132 bhp at 8,900 rpm and 89 ft. lbs. of torque at 6,450 rpm) sports an aluminum frame, a single-sided swingarm, a shaft final drive  and lots of features found on the most luxurious tourers (cruise and traction control, ABS braking system, ride-by-wire throttle system, electric adjustable windshield up or down 6.5″, adjustable rider seat, heated grips and seat, GPS, Bluetooth, USB port etc). Check it out in January at Motoworks in Chicago or MCC in Villa Park. 

After getting rear-ended while riding his CB350, LocalMotoHub member Sammy Joe Osborne, spent his two month recovery time developing a physics game recreating the event. The game features Sammy, the Volvo that creamed him, and the newly repaired CB350. On a positive note Sammy's game landed him a new JOB!  Read more and check it out by clicking the link on our website and don't forget to share your score - mine was 151.88!

Safety Corner - Dehydration

“Stay thirsty my friend” - NOT When Riding!

With temps in the 90s and beyond dehydration is a REAL risk and needs to be taken seriously. The key is to replace liquids at a faster rate than is being lost through the skin. Most people don't drink enough water (a good rule of thumb is: your body weight divided by 2 equals the number of ounces of liquid per day). Under hot riding conditions that number needs to increase dramatically. It's important drink a glass of water before you start riding and continue to monitor your intake throughout the day. Also remember that “all liquids are not created equal”; caffeine drinks will actually push water out of your system and dry you out. If you must have that caffeine fix – drink an ounce of water with every ounce of caffeinated drink you consume.

Some signs that you are not getting enough water include:

  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness and confusion
  • Not sweating
  • Dark yellow urine

If you have any of these signs, stop riding - things will only get worse!

To insure a safe ride:

  • Drink lots of water
  • Stay covered – clothing will keep the sun from sapping you of moisture – not to mention preventing sunburn
  • Don't ride in the hottest part of the day
  • Take many breaks

As a cooling tip in hot and DRY conditions – try dowsing a cotton shirt with water and wearing it under your jacket. The evaporating water will keep you cool (at least for a while).

Now that you're ready to ride here are a few upcoming events to check out. Click on the link to get details or go to for a complete list of local events.

Sat June 30 - Pork in the Park, Loves Park, IL  

Mon July 2 -  Motorcycle Monday, Chicago, IL

Sun July 8 - Peotone Swap Meet, Peotone, IL

Sat July 14 - U.S. Veterans Charity Run, St. Charles, IL

Sat July 14 - 2 Old 2 Cold Christmas in July Motorcycle Toy Run, Alsip, IL

Fri July 20 - Sun July 22 - AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days, Lexington, OH

Organized event not your thing?  Longing for the open road?  Check out for ideas of places to ride.  Here are suggestions from our members:

Looking for a GETAWAY? Enjoy some of the great roads and sightseeing in Northeast Iowa, with the historic river town of Guttenberg as your overnight destination.   

For a Day Trip, we suggest riding to the Dorf Haus Supper Club in Sauk City, WI for some hearty German fare.

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Send us your day ride and overnight suggestions and we'll share them with fellow riders on our website and in this newsletter. If your overnight getaway is selected for publication, you'll receive a $100 gift certificate to any one of our sponsors.  Send your day rides and overnight getaway recommendations to

To those of you who have visited the site recently, thanks!  If not, please check us out - we continue to add new events, destinations, and ROADS every day.

Remember to "be careful out there" and keep the rubber side down!

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