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 It's Never Too LateTaking Inspiration from Older Riders

 “Men do not quit playing because they grow old, they grow old because they quit playing.”  Oliver Wendell Holmes

We recently spent some time with a friend who has been riding for a long time.  A really long time.  Maybe 50 years or so.  She is truly an amazing woman and the fact that she is still riding at 80 is only one of her astonishing accomplishments.  That got us thinking about older riders and what us ‘youngsters’ can learn from them - whether it's someone like our friend who has been riding for many years or someone just taking up riding in their golden years.
Here are just a few stories we found interesting and inspirational:
University of Richmond Chancellor E. Bruce Heilman celebrated his 86th birthday by arriving home — in one piece and in typically high spirits — from a 9,000-mile motorcycle excursion around the United States.  Read his story

WW II Vet celebrates 94th birthday with one sweet ride.  Dispatch driver George Gallant from Halifax hadn’t been on a motorcycle since he broke his leg in England during his service.  “I asked my old woman and she said, ‘No motorcycles’.”  But Mr. Gallant decided to throw caution to the wind and ignore his late wife’s orders, serving as VIP for a motorcycle motorcade.  Read his story 

And then there’s the 2005 film “The World’s Fastest Indian” which tells the true story of New Zealander Burt Munro, his lifelong love affair with a 600 cc Indian motorcycle, and his quest to see how fast it would run.  He made it all the way to the Bonneville Salt Flats, only to be told his bike was unsafe and he was too old (at 67).  With some intervention from ranking American driver Jim Moffett, Munro was given his chance to ride the famous flats.
And finally, this is actually a bank commercial which tells a truly inspiring story of some feisty octogenarians in Taiwan.  Watch video

Motorcycle Economic Index?  For the most part, recent economic news has been filled with doom and gloom. Unemployment remains high, consumer confidence remains low, and unqualified good news is hard to come by. However, one recent indicator provides some cause for optimism: Motorcycle sales have revved up to a roaring recovery, and reached their highest level since before the recession.  Read article

 Chicago Reader names Ace Motorcycle and Scooter 'Best Vintage Motorcycle Repair'  Ace Motorcycle and Scooter Congratulations to our friends Chad McDade and Bee Kirchgatterer on this well-deserved honor.  Read the article here  Ace is host to Rockers Reunion and the kickoff event for Mods vs Rockers.  Next up is Acetoberfest in September.   See what Ace is all about here

 Helmet communicator borrows military technology for exceptional voice clarity  The UCLEAR HBC 100 brings the patented Advanced Digital Signal Processing (ADSP) technology into the world of motorcycle communication. Technical details aside, the ADSP manages to suppress surrounding noises while providing speech clarity.  And these tech-savvy audible sounds are crystal clear on the receiving end of either a phone call via Bluetooth, passenger, or fellow rider pairing a UCLEAR HBC 100.  We recently tested the system with units installed in both rider and passenger full-face helmets with very positive results.  Read entire review

UK mud racing Watch what some crazy Brits do for fun on a cold day in May.  It’s truly a mud fest but looks like a bunch of fun.  Watch video  


Safety Corner - Helmets

When shopping for a helmet in my youth (when funds were scarce and I thought I was indestructible) a retailer once told me that if I had a $50 dollar head, then go right ahead and buy a $50 helmet.  That $50 helmet now goes for $150 but the advice still rings true.  If you still need convincing, two new studies from the Center for Disease Control confirm the safety benefits of wearing a protective helmet.  One study by the Center for Disease Control finds that wearing a helmet reduces motorcycle fatalities and a new study finds that helmets also reduce facial injuries.  If you’re going to wear a helmet for protection, consider purchasing the best design you can afford.  But how to know if the helmet will do its job?  I recently had the opportunity to attend a talk on helmet design and certification by Dr. Daniel J. Thomas, M.D., M.P.H.,  and president of the Board of Directors of Snell Memorial Foundation – the organization that sets the standard in the U.S. for helmet safety.  Snell is the world’s only independent non-profit organization dedicated exclusively to helmet safety-standards.  The U.S. government’s DOT standard is a self-certifying standard, which means the government lets the manufacturers decide whether or not a helmet meets DOT requirements. It also allows a helmet manufacturer to sell a DOT-labeled helmet without any notification to the DOT.  (Although the government can, at some time later, demand to see test reports supporting the manufacturer’s claims.)  There is very little policing by the DOT of those who claim the certification.  A helmet manufacturer submits its helmets for Snell testing on a voluntary basis and no helmet receives certification without passing very rigorous testing.  The current standard is M2010 and each helmet model continues to be tested until it is taken off the market.  Dr. Thomas gave us quite the physics and anatomy lecture, but I came away with a much better understanding of the importance of wearing a Snell approved helmet.  Read more about Snell Memorial Foundation, its testing methodology and find out whether your helmet or one you are considering buying is Snell certified.  Click here to read more 

Now that you're ready to ride here are a few upcoming events to check out. Click on the link to get details or go to for a complete list of local events.

Sat July 28 - Night Hill Climb, near Oregon, IL

Sat July 28 -  Kendall County Comets Special Olympics Family Fun Festival, Yorkville, IL

Fri Aug 3 - Sun Aug 5 - AHRMA Road Race, South Haven, MI

Sat Aug 4 - Rockerbox, Milwaukee, WI

Sat Aug 11 - Sun Aug 12 - Budweiser Grand Nationals, Peoria, IL

Sun Aug 12 - Antique Motorcycle Show, Villa Park, IL

Organized event not your thing?  Longing for the open road?  Check out for ideas of places to ride.  Here are suggestions from our members:

Looking for a GETAWAY? Enjoy some great roads and a bit of nature in north central Illinois at the White Pines State Park near Oregon, IL.

For a Day Trip, we suggest riding to Sprecher's Restaurant and Pub in Lake Geneva, IL., to sample one of their seasonal and premium reserve beers or an old-fashioned flavorful soft drink.

Send us your day ride and overnight suggestions and we'll share them with fellow riders on our website and in this newsletter. If your overnight getaway is selected for publication, you'll receive a $100 gift certificate to any one of our sponsors.  Send your day rides and overnight getaway recommendations to

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Remember to "be careful out there" and keep the rubber side down!

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