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Jacket with damage from accidentThis article comes from the very personal experience of our friend Kathie Hiatt, who survived what could have been a horrific accident:
It’s often said that there are two types of riders; those that have crashed and those that will do so eventually.  The interesting aspect of this oft-quoted statement is the predilection of riders to hold tightly to the belief that the “crash” experience will never happen to “them”.  It’s human nature to deny ourselves acceptance of situations or experiences that are horrifying, scary, traumatic, and downright dangerous.  We all want to believe that those “bad things” will happen to someone else; someone who is doing something that they shouldn’t be doing or something that the other person wasn’t prepared for – How many times have we looked at another motorcycle rider and said:  “There’s an accident waiting to happen!”  We are making an assumption based on some behavior or appearance that the “bad thing” will only happen to those other people.  Read the rest of Kathie's amazing story

Female iconQuick - What's the Fastest Growing Segment of the Motorcycle Market?  Woman riding HarleyHint:  we just heard from one.  Women riders now make up more than twelve percent of all riders in the U.S.  Why do women ride?  Many of the same reasons as men, but their needs in machines, equipment, and gear can be very different.  Here's an article with tips for motorcycle buying just for women.

School iconMotorcycle Journey for a Promising Future - The CARE Education Program finds a way to transport a young Peruvian girl from her home in the rural Puno region

Girl rides motorcycle to school in rural PeruTen year old Eulalia rides with her father down the mountain to attend classes at a boarding school run by the CARE program.  Her parents had little formal education but want a better life for their children and have made education a priority, even though it has meant hardships for the family.  read entire story and watch video  

world iconCan't Ride to Sturgis This Year?  How About Hangzhou?

Harley-Davidson rally in ChinaIt didn't quite boast the same crowds (actually about 499,400 fewer), but a recent rally in China attracted 600 new Harleys and their owners for three days as part of the worldwide celebration of H-D's 110th anniversary.  Not sure about the wet t-shirt or body painting contests though.


Do Not Try This At Home!  
video iconmotorcycle rides on waterThe Discovery Channel's Myth Busters tackles riding a motorcycle across water.  Too funny!  Watch video

Safety CornerThe 2-4-12 Rule
It’s almost football season and as the saying goes, “a good defense is the best offense”.    This adage is also true when riding - anticipate what’s going to happen next and plan for the unexpected.  One method of keeping this information in the forefront of your mind is by following the 2-4-12 rule as presented by Dave Struwing, founder of T.O.P.S Motorcycle Training and veteran motorcycle police officer.

2 seconds – following distance, your immediate cushion of safety
4 seconds – intermediate hazard, what’s happening now.
12 seconds – long-range hazard identification and preparation

With over 10 years of accident investigation experience, Dave Struwing’s mission is to make riding safer by sharing his knowledge and experience with Chicagoland riders through group presentations and riding skills training classes.
From Allstate rider newsletter


Now that you're ready to ride here are a few upcoming events to check out. Click on the link to get details or go to for a complete list of local events.

Sat - Sun July 12 - 13 - Demo Truck at Wildfire H-D, Villa Park, IL

Fri - Sun July 19 - 21 -  AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days, Lexington, OH

Sat July 20 - Swap Meet at Des Plaines Honda, Des Plaines, IL

Fri - Sun July 19 - 21 - Championship Cup Racing, South Beloit, IL

Sun July 21 - Chicagoland Ride for the Kids, Elgin, IL

Sat - Sun  July 27 - 28 JOS Motorsports Track Day, South Beloit, IL

Organized event not your thing?  Longing for the open road?  Check out for ideas of places to ride.  Here are suggestions from our members:

Looking for a GETAWAY? Plan something truly special - book a Rider's Dream getaway package at The Gardens Inn, a motorcycle-only bed and breakfast in Bedford, Indiana.  They'll plan a personalized itinerary for enjoying the great roads of Southern Indiana.  

For a Day Trip, a member suggests riding to LaSalle, IL, to tour the Hegeler Carus Mansion, recently opened and on the National Register of Historic Places.  Learn about the founding of the zinc industry in Illinois and the pioneering family who built the industry and this fabulous mansion.  

Send us your day ride and overnight suggestions and we'll share them with fellow riders on our website and in this newsletter. If your overnight getaway is selected for publication, you'll receive a $100 gift certificate to any one of our sponsors.  Send your day rides and overnight getaway recommendations to

To those of you who have visited the site recently, thanks!  If not, please check us out - we continue to add new events, destinations, and ROADS every day.

Remember to "be careful out there" and keep the rubber side down!

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