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We all typically see ourselves as good riders - keeping our head on a swivel looking left, right, behind, and out in front as we approach an intersection. We watch for dramatic items, like vehicles cutting us off or emergency vehicles that need a clear path. As you approach an intersection, here are a few key factors to consider and best practices to prepare for each:

1. Has the traffic signal changed recently or is it stale and ready to change?

Long before the intersection, the traffic signal is visible. Make a mental note of the signal's condition at a fair distance from the intersection so that as you approach you do not have to spend time looking at the opposed traffic signal for information and can focus on more immediate tasks.

2. What is the traffic doing directly behind you?

Are they slowing, do they see you, are they distracted or approaching too quickly? Just before applying your brakes, always check behind you to see what the traffic is doing so you can be ready if a vehicle is approaching quickly or recklessly. Move to another lane, if available, or off the road if necessary.

3. Is a vehicle near you turning or planning to pass you on the right or left side, even if there is not a legal lane for the vehicle to do so?

In multiple lane conditions you must watch both sides of your motorcycle as you come to a stop as another vehicle might speed up to run a yellow or red light or try and sneak by to make a right on red. Many vehicles think they can "fit" through the space you have allowed between you and the next object. As a rider, you need to choose your lane position to ensure that you the safest for now - and each intersection can be different. Use your lane wisely. (see complete article)

Rockerbox 2011 - What A Show!  There must have been 2,000 bikes - all makes, models and years.  Our hats off to the folks at Fuel Cafe and the Steel Shoe Fund for putting on an outstanding event.  This has really turned into a 'Must-See' - make plans for next year.  It's well worth the trip!

It seems fitting that we're STILL waiting for the Governor's stamp of approval on the Dead Red bill.  HB2860 was sent to the Governor on June 27 after passage by both the Illinois House and Senate.  Local and State police officials are against the bill and have voiced concern that it will give motorcyclists and bicyclists carte blanche to run red lights.  For further information read the post by one of our members.

How long should a rear tire last?  Our unscientific research has identified a condition that may reduce the life of your tire - check out the video!

Now that you're ready to ride here are a few upcoming events to check out. Click on the link to get details or go to for a complete list of local events.

Sat Aug 20 Summer Jam, Fox River Harley-Davidson, St Charles, IL (visit our booth)

Sun Aug 21 F.A.S.T. Ride, (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Tour) Elmhurst, IL. (visit our booth)

Fri - Sun Aug 26-28 AHRMA Historic Cup National Roadrace Series, Grand Haven, MI

Fri - Sun Aug 26-28 MotoGP, Indianapolis Motor Speedway - practice Fri, qualifying Sat, race on Sunday. 

Thu - Mon Sept 1-5 10th Annual Milwaukee Rally, Milwaukee, WI.

Organized event not your thing?  Longing for the open road?  Check out for suggestions on places to ride.  Here are suggestions from our members:

Looking for a GETAWAY? Ride up to New Glarus, Wisconsin - America's Little Switzerland. Although it will take only a half day to get to New Glarus, there's so much to see and great riding, you'll want to make it an overnight visit.  We recommend WI-81 from Beloit to New Glarus.

For a Saturday day trip, try the Vintage Spokes Motorcycle Museum in Rockford to view a rare and unique collection of riding belts, jackets, hats, signs, racing posters, and AMA items. The museum is also home to some of the rarest Harley-Davidson Racing motorcycles. The museum is ONLY Open Saturdays - 10 to 3pm.

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Remember to "be careful out there" and keep the rubber side down!

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